Asynchronous Healthcare

Record. Track. Treat.

Upgrade your health system's telehealth offering. Get complete patient visibility anywhere, anytime with the Smart Medical Camera™ billable technology for patient monitoring and the perfect telehealth companion.Accelerating decentralized real-world research

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Proven, published efficacy

  • Increase accuracy of diagnosis by 5.45x
  • Save 99% of time in the diagnostic journey
  • 90% of patients say they better manage their health
  • Identify urgent patients with 78% more accuracy
  • Reduce in-person visits by 75%
  • Remote diagnosis 72%
  • Save 60% of post-op resources
  • Reduce emergency room visits by at least 50%

Why should you choose CaptureProof?

Accurate, accelerated, automated, essential technology for patient monitoring (remote and on site) & the perfect telehealth companion.

Fall risk

Timed up and go (dual, motor, cognitive) proprietary A.I. reading


Track Gait, Range of Motion & post op care


Track post stroke, parkinson's, tremor, epilepsy, and more

Plastic Surgery

Track facial trauma, mohs post op, aesthetic and wrinkle A.I.

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